<aside> ✨ An impact vector is a direction of positive impact that projects in the Optimism ecosystem should work towards.


Optimism Agora


As the L2 space grows more competitive, Optimism needs to maintain its early advantage and ensure it keeps improving the ROI of its grantmaking. Improving ROI means making both the process more efficient for all participants and the allocations more impactful for the ecosystem.

Data is critical for badgeholders to transition from working at the middle of the grants funnel (i.e., reviewing individual projects) to working mostly at the top and bottom of the funnel (i.e., deciding what forms of impact matter most and reviewing the distribution formula).

Badgeholders should be badgeholders because they care deeply about the health and growth of the ecosystem as a whole, not because they know the intricacies of projects. For most badgeholders, evaluating the quality of a portfolio of projects is a much better way of leveraging their time and expertise than evaluating each individual project. This should become even more apparent as the mechanism scales to more projects and larger funding pools.

This list of lists is just one person’s attempt to contribute to that transition.


This list measures progress against eight experimental impact vectors that, hopefully, over the long-run, prove impactful to the growth and adoption of Optimism and the Superchain. Not every vector is relevant to all projects. There are also many, many forms of impact not included here.

Each vector represents:

The eight experimental impact vectors included here are:

  1. Grow full-time developers. Measured by full-time developer months since the project's first commit.
  2. Expand the open source community. Measured by GitHub users who made their contribution to a project in the last 6 months.
  3. Support modular, permissionless contributions. Measured by highest fork count among repos owned by the project.
  4. Be beloved in the OP community. Measured by stars received from other developers in the OP community.
  5. Make it easier to build awesome apps. Measured by NPM downloads over last 6 months.
  6. Grow sequencer fees. Measured by all-time OP ETH contributions.